The economy and market is shifting 

The building sector as a whole can no longer afford the status quo. The economy, building codes and investor expectations are changing quickly, and we need to be prepared with the right people and skills to keep up with growing demands and incentives for low-carbon buildings and retrofits. 

Major Canadian organizations, such as the Canada Infrastructure Bank, Infrastructure and Communities Canada, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, have already committed to $3.6 billion in financing for energy efficiency and low-carbon upgrades of large buildings.  

This means companies prepared with low-carbon expertise and talent will have a distinct advantage in this growing market. The question is: where can your employees get the most up-to-date information and best practices?  

The Low Carbon Training Foundations course was designed by leading experts in green building sector to equip professionals working in building finance, design, construction and operation with a common language and understanding of low-carbon strategies and solutions. 

The program is available for free until March 31, 2024. Your company’s future in the low-carbon economy begins with your leadership teams and employees signing up here.  


Free Access to Expert Knowledge

The Low Carbon Training Foundations course was developed by the same team who designed Canada’s Zero Carbon Building Standards. 

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Provides a starting point for your employees to boost their low-carbon knowledge and skills.  

For companies looking to transition to the low-carbon economy and take full advantage of its opportunities, the Low Carbon Training Foundations is the best place to start.   

Shared understanding means better collaboration and more efficient projects and buildings. 

Highly efficient, low-carbon buildings require a high level of collaboration throughout their entire life cycle from planning and design to construction and operations. When project teams, building trades and other real estate professionals are speaking a common language about ESG and low-carbon solutions, existing silos are broken down and efficiencies are enhanced – resulting in better buildings, fewer delays, and reduced costs.  

The Low Carbon Training Foundations course was created by Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) to improve collaboration across the building sector by enhancing knowledge and skills and developing a shared language for low-carbon solutions.

This free training is the first of its kind in Canada. Companies who upskill their employees with this knowledge will have a critical competitive advantage in the market. 

The course is available through several in-person and on-demand modules that are free until March 31, 2024. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow your company and your talent.

*This course will be available in French in early 2024.  

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Low Carbon Training Partners

Developed in 2023, the Low Carbon Training Program leveraged partnership networks and national membership to create and promote the program across Canada.