Low Carbon. High Demand.

Future-proof your career

Market demands and climate change are redefining building and real estate sectors.

Low-carbon new construction and building retrofits require more complex collaboration than traditional buildings. The way we worked in the past is not the way of the future. 

The Low Carbon Training Program was developed in 2023 to provide the critical knowledge and skills needed to meet increasing demand for low-carbon new construction and building retrofits. 

Low Carbon Training Program Professional Collaboration

The Low Carbon Training Program helped almost 4,000 people gain the training needed to advance their careers. While the program officially ended March 31, 2024, many project partners continue to offer low carbon training opportunities.  

Advantages of the Low Carbon Training Program

Provided a foundational understanding of low-carbon strategies and solutions. 


Supported a common language for professionals across the building sector, breaking down silos and reducing costs and delays. 

Upskilled those looking to stay ahead of the curve.


While the Low Carbon Training Program is over, there are opportunities to further your knowledge of low carbon buildings.

Low Carbon Training Partners

Developed in 2023, the Low Carbon Training Program leveraged partnership networks and national membership to create and promote the program across Canada.