CAGBC Low Carbon Training Foundations Course

Canada’s green buildings sector is growing, and the number of green building sector jobs is expected to triple by 2030. This means professionals prepared with low-carbon knowledge will have a distinct advantage in this growing job market. The question is: where can you learn the basics and kickstart your low-carbon career?  

The first of its kind in Canada, the Low Carbon Training Foundations course will equip the people and businesses involved in the design, construction and operation of green buildings, with a common language and understanding of low-carbon strategies and solutions. 

This course is offered at no cost to help Canada’s building sector become a world leader in low-carbon building and retrofits. 


Free Access to Expert Knowledge

The Low Carbon Training Foundations Course was developed by the same team who designed Canada’s Zero Carbon Building Standards. 

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Provides a starting point for career growth

Whether you are just starting your career in the building sector or preparing for the next phase, the Low Carbon Training Foundations course provides in-demand knowledge and training from highly respected professionals. 

Shared Understanding, Better Collaboration

Highly efficient, low-carbon buildings require a high level of collaboration from start to finish. When building trades and other professionals are speaking a common language, silos will be broken down, collaboration will improve and efficiency will be enhanced – resulting in better buildings, fewer delays and reduced costs.

About the training

The Low Carbon Training Program was created to improve collaboration across the building spectrum by enhancing knowledge and skills and developing a shared language for low-carbon solutions.  

Achieving net-zero by 2050 will require roughly $21 billion per year of investments in retrofits of existing real estate across Canada – including retrofitting approximately 345 million square feet of commercial property between now and 2040. Low-carbon buildings and retrofits require more complex collaboration than traditional building projects.  

Low-carbon buildings and retrofits will play a significant role in helping Canada reach its 2030 and 2050 carbon reduction targets. According to a study led by Canada Green Building Council and Delphi Group, with government investment and supportive programs, Canada’s green building economy could generate up to $150 billion in GDP and 1.5 million jobs by 2030. To meet this demand, the building sector needs to upskill with low carbon knowledge and training.  

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